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Hue, at long last this town is what travelling is all about. It is what every women, man and child who packs their backpacks and set off to a foreign country to find. I mean I have found a couple of places that has some of these characteristics but none even touch on the perfects that is Hue. I am not talking of the town or the activities that you can do but I am talking about the joys in the name. I mean it has got endless joke material for a name. I mean image the hours of fun I have had with where's Hue? It's a long Hue away from. Which Hue is it? and so one. It is perfect and I was very happy, it was a gift from the people of Vietnam.

There are sometimes of this travel that I look back on and feel like I am dreaming and there are some of those times that I have to pinch myself to check if I am dreaming. This is one of those times, as I awake I look outside of the window and my eyes full on one of those scenes that you only see in movies. I look out of my window and see a site that takes my breath away. The sun's rays turning the sky into a watercolour, the clouds bathed in pinks, yellows and reds and the light reveals a sea of green paddy fields with cow and buffalo looking up and welcoming the sun. I lay back on my bed and watch as the world drives past me and I smile and think about how luck I am... I just found the last Oreo and Annie is asleep and I don't have to be a gentleman and offer it, win!

I think I am going to stop tell you people about the constant fights to get off the bus I go through every time that I alight from every bus and just say this; Everyone warns you about touts in India, about how they won't leave you alone and will follow you down the street harassing you in every new town that you arrive at but I mean seriously give me Indian touts any day of the week. Vietnam touts and taxis are savage and persistent. The worst thing about it is that no one warns you about Vietnam, warn me about India why don't you, tell me to be careful in Bangkok about ladyboys and about dark alleys in New York but not even a mention for Vietnam. So I hear will be the first to stand up to the plate and say, be careful in Vietnam or you will be in a '5 star' hotel with a recently bought wife and coffee that has been digested by a weasal -but that's a story for another time! As another hint when you have taken on my information then travel with an inexperienced traveller to lose the more desperate touts... thanks Annie!

I loved Hue it was such a peaceful, beautiful town... on one side of the river. The other side was a manic mondern town with all the traffic and noise of the other side. the quiet side is a beautifully restore historical old city with a Imperial Palace, sadly destroyed the war of Independence from the French and The American War. But is slow being restored to its former glory.
As normal I dropped off my bag and set out to explore the town. The one problem with this was that by the time I had explored a little bit of it I was ready to collapse in a pool -no lake of my own sweat! But one thing I have always worked out that where ever in the word you are when you are hot and sweaty there vis always a man with a beer, but not always peanuts!

That evening after more exploring Annie and I wondered to the bar to have some drinks to find out that it was 2-4-1 cocktail night in any place that is dangerous but when they are 25,000dong each (about 76pence or $1.19) some one should have at least a safety notice. Also another warning is to never turn a children's game and turn it into a drinking game! I did this with UNO and I quickly worked out several things while playing, 1) you can get a lot of people to play without even inviting them 2) it works really well and 3) never do it, it corrupts the game for ever and not even to mention the affect of alcohol! This was sadly followed by myself befriending Lucky a Vietnamese bar tout who likes to give flaming sambuca and at that point I called it a night and sent myself home.

The next day was a beach day, my first since Goa and a needed day. I tanned, read and eat Ice Cream. The joys about losing so much weight that you don't even feel bad about eating ice cream and it taste so much better. That night was a easier night and also was the night I met Josh Lynn, the only man that plays pool as bad as I do. But more about him later.

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Yes! A mention. I'd forgotten our friendship was built on such shoddy foundations... we really baized a trail I'd say.

by Josh Lynn

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